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The Interim & Fractional Edge


The popularity of interim and fractional executives has increased exponentially in recent years as early-stage companies realize they can now leverage the intellectual equity of an outstanding executive without the costs normally associated with full-time permanent hires.

Interim and Fractional “executives-as-a-service,” extends to the entire C-Suite! Access to the right leaders can make or break high potential small-to-midsize and start-up companies. With a focus on getting results, companies find that leasing a portion of key executive leadership outweighs getting 100% of the time of a less experienced full-time contributor, not to mention the lower expense and high ROI. Perhaps the greatest benefit of all, Interim and Fractional leaders provide invaluable free time and peace of mind to Founders and Business Owners, allowing them to focus on what they should or would prefer to be focusing on. 


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