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Frequently Asked Questions

“What is the cost of an initial consultation?”

The initial 10-minute Q&A is completely free, as is the deeper dive initial “best practices benchmarking” meeting (if the discussion warrants), where KARA seeks to understand the business model, current challenges, etc.

"How does this differ from training?"

KARA is not a training company per se. In a sense, training is often knowledge UN-applied and is simply more susceptible to lingering questions and general skepticism. On the other hand, using sales as an example; KARA takes a 1:1 “show them why and then show them how” approach which allows salespeople to see for themselves why it’s so advantageous to have a playbook, set of actionable principles and a reliable source of truth for one’s entire sales plan. This more direct method is embedded in our wide range of services and each solution is a custom blueprint designed specifically for each client.

"What does KARA Advisors do?"

KARA Advisors is a technology-driven sales and finance consultancy firm that specializes in leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies to enhance sales strategies and processes for businesses of all sizes. We provide expert guidance, training, and innovative AI solutions to help organizations unlock their full sales potential.

“Will I be locked into an agreement?”

KARA works on a retained basis, whereby the customer can utilize our services as they specify and have the option to opt out at any time. In addition, KARA stands by our services and guarantees results.

“What if I’m only interested in the best practices benchmarking discussion?”

KARA provides services on an Ala-carte basis. A fully loaded best-practices session would require about 1.5 hours of Q&A and generally results in a detailed summary consisting of insights and actionable steps such as industry best-practices, process and systems considerations and relevant Key Performance Indicators.

“How much could I offload to KARA?"

Everything starts with the initial Q&A session, and KARA prefers to operate within the clients’ comfort range. The goal is to minimize weaknesses and maximize strengths. KARA provides nearly every key component that a Start-up or SMB could ever need, and our "tip of the spear" framework has already done the heavy lift of vetting channel partners to fulfill services outside of the KARA suite, at optimal pre-negotiated pricing. This saves our customers significant time and money. 

“How can KARA impact my sales revenue generation?”

Increasing sales is important to any organization. KARA helps our clients position for years of improved sales via digital and sales management strategies, proven repeatable processes with measurable and actionable steps, improved pipeline models, a consistent methodology framework, blueprinted playbook to map to, and quarterly best practice sessions. By mapping to a well-defined and efficient system, this provides much needed control and peace of mind for Founders, Business Owner and Management.

"Do I need to have a tech-savvy team to benefit from KARA Advisors' services?"

No, you don't need to be tech-savvy to benefit from our services. We work with businesses at various technology proficiency levels. Our team will guide you through the process, provide training where needed, and ensure a smooth integration of AI solutions into your sales operations.

"How are small to midsize companies benefitting?"

While we cannot speak for everyone, we are seeing SMB's opting for lower cost, optimally efficient virtual sales processes and meetings. KARA can show clients how to optimize these virtual aspects and realize the advantages of the entire team operating from the same Playbook, KPI's and set of Principles.

"What makes KARA Advisors stand out from other sales consultancy firms?"

KARA Advisors' unique differentiator is our deep expertise in AI and emerging technologies, specifically tailored to sales processes. We combine industry knowledge with cutting-edge solutions to provide our clients with a competitive edge in the ever-evolving sales landscape.

"How can I contribute content or insights to KARA Advisors' platform?"

KARA Advisors is an open community that welcomes contributions from sales professionals, industry experts, and thought leaders. Join us on our LinkedIn page to share your expertise and engage in discussions.

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