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KARA Advisors' "Tip of the Spear" model takes into account the entire ecosystem of our clients' personnel, processes and technology platform. This “rising tide will lift all boats” approach allows for integrity, trust, visibility, accountability, retention and peace of mind for our clients. And our Interim, Fractional and Direct Hire employment model provides the leverage and thought leadership necessary to compete in the marketplace. 


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Interim, Fractional, Full-Time 

The #1 need of Businesses of any size and level of complexity is to efficiently and consistently drive sales, yet compensation packages for alpha-level technology sales, sales management, digital media, finance and operations professional's are often out of reach. What's really needed is an affordable set of options. KARA offers Interim, Fractional and Direct-Hire expertise at manageable price points, with the ability to scale as your success story evolves. We employ an exhaustive qualification process to understand your specific needs, review specific solutions and discuss the various options available. Similar to outsourced CFO's, HR, Payroll and Accounting, KARA's Interim, Fractional and Direct-Hire programs make optimal digital marketing and sales results a reality for your organization.

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Sound Tactical Practices

KARA Advisors offers a robust suite of proven, repeatable tools and processes. Our philosophy is to come alongside our clients legacy team and provide them with actionable steps and systems to raise their competitive position. KARA's Best Practices Playbook is tailored specifically for your organization and provides present and future state benchmarking of your systems, people and practices against the best performing organizations globally. From there we review Lead Gen Efficiency, Install a custom tailored Proven & Repeatable Process, review and fully leverage the power of ever improving CRM, SEO, AI, Social Media and Sales Automation Tools, and ultimately identify areas to measure and improve Performance. 



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Discussing the Numbers


Leverage Efficiencies 

Top performing organizations redesign their processes and thoughtfully automate whatever they can. One of the goals of technology utilization is to maximize efficiencies, reduce errors, and optimize time spent in customer facing activities. 

McKinsey & Company research shows that up to 30 percent of revenue generation activities can be automated. KARA helps our clients test, measure,  innovate and drive results!

As a trusted, neutral and expert advisor working on your behalf, KARA can help with technology review, upgrades, selection and wholesale pricing. KARA Advisors has developed an extensive ecosystem of well vetted partners, providing Digital Media, Strategy Mapping, Customer Journey, Cross Channel Content, Lead Generation, Sales Automation, AI, Search Engine Optimization, Productivity, Social Media, Reputation Management, Virtual Workspace, Video and CRM services, saving our clients the time and expense of meeting with multiple suppliers.


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